Written by Jack Newman

Ever wondered what goes on behind the cockpit door? Here is Part 2 of Jack's account of what life is like in the Flight Deck.

Written by Jack Newman

I got chatting to a couple of guys in the pub recently, and the conversation turned to jobs. One of the recurring themes of these conversations is that people seem to be genuinely unsure what a modern airline pilot actually does. "Isn't it all autopilot?" Well, not exactly...

The Fastest Way Around the Corner

Red Bull Air Race Analysis

Written by Chris Walton

At just 50 feet above the ground and going faster than an F1 racing car, Red Bull Air Race pilots pull more G than most fighter pilots.But without a track or kerbs, how do you find the fastest way around the corner?

Written by Jake Price

Here's a short overview of one of the world's most successful training aircraft.

Written by Jack Newman

After wise words from one of his first instructors, Jack writes about some of his mistakes and the importance of developing your internal alarm bells.

Get Into Flying witnesses the Total Eclipse

Flying the world's most economical light jet

Written by Jonathan Duke, pictures courtesy of Eclipse Aviation

We recently got to fly the Total Eclipse jet courtesy of Aeris Aviation, who distribute the type in Europe. Find out what we made of the most economical light jet in the world.

Going Downhill - Speed Riding

If you get it're not going to have a safe take-off

Written by Ali Andrews

Ali Andrews and his friend Oli Fisher travelled to France this year with their paragliders. The conditions proved perfect not only for cross-country flying, but were also ideal to test fly their latest speed-wings.

Storm Over Scandinavia!

"Airline flying is 99% boredom and 1% sheer terror."

Written by Jack Newman

They say airline pilots only earn their money on one or two days a year. Here is Jack's story of 'one of those days' from the Flight Deck.

Competition winner flies Extra 200

Get Into Flying gives you Extra!

Written by Jonathan Duke

Last year we held a competition for our fans. David Hearn won with his fantastic blog entry here. This is a short video of his flight with the British Aerobatic Academy.

The Great Pilot Shortage of the 21st Century

The Airlines and the Flying Training Cartel

Written by Jonathan Duke

Almost without exception, airline pilots are passionate about what they do – and it’s easy to understand why. But although the views, the opportunities to travel and the responsibility of ‘living the dream’ make it easy for pilots to be enthusiastic about the job, it also makes the ‘dream’ a lot easier to sell.

Written by Jack Newman

As a commercial pilot, keeping myself medically fit and healthy is of primary concern. The thought of losing one's medical is almost too awful to contemplate, but unfortunately disease and accidents do not respect your occupation. However, the good news is that these days even if you have a 'disability' - for example, you can't use your legs - this does not necessarily rule out the chances of you learning to fly an aeroplane.

Gliding - beyond solo

You've flown a glider on your own, but there's much still to learn!

Written by Robbie Rizk

Robbie discusses the progression of skills, certificates and awards that follow once you are a proficient solo glider pilot.

Get an Airline Interview!

Courses you can take to help you gain an edge.

Written by Jack Newman

You want to fly for the airlines, and you’re considering paying out for a course that will make you stand out from the crowd and help you on your way. Here’s the low-down on some of what’s out there.

Military Pilot Selection

Tips on what you can do to improve your chances of success

Written by Jonathan Duke

Tens of thousands of people apply to fly for the British military every year, around 150 make it; less than 1%. Military aviator and Get Into Flying founder Jonathan Duke gives his thoughts on what you can do to improve your chances of being successful in the critical early stages of selection for flying training with the UK military.

Securing an airline job

Top Tips for commercial pilot hopefuls

Written by Jack Newman

So you've finished your commercial training and you're in the jobs market. What can you do to boost your chances?

Modular flight training

Why it might be the best decision you ever make

Written by Jack Newman

Jack writes about his own flight training experiences, and sheds some light on the less-publicised, but just as important, modular route into commercial aviation. If you're considering splashing out on an Integrated course, this is worth a read.

Written by Jonathan Duke

So a search for ATPL training has given you a long list of options, but what should you be thinking about before you spend your hard-earned cash and effort studying for the exams?

Written by Jasmine Clarke

Jasmine Clarke debunks some of the mythology surrounding aircraft of a rotary-wing variety. If you've been putting off trying helicopter flying because of the things you've heard about it, this will hopefully change your mind!

Written by Jack Newman

Ever increasing automation means flying in a modern airliner is less risky than ever. Jack Newman explains why, in giving the computer a day off, Pilots could make it safer still.

Written by Jonathan Duke

Jon Duke discusses GPS Nav Applications for tablet computers and the wider implications of relying on them too much, with some tips from his own experience using them on Search And Rescue missions.

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