Written by Jack Newman

Ever wanted to know what it's like in the cockpit of a fighter jet during an air show? You want to watch this.

PS-28 Cruiser - the 21st Century Tourer

Kairos Aviation brings a modern gem to the UK market.

Written by Jack Newman

Jack got the chance to experience one of these brand new aircraft on a ferry flight from the factory in the Czech Republic to Goodwood, UK.

Written by Jack Newman

Here's a teaser for our exclusive footage of Hawker Hunter T.7A 'FireFox' during a formation flight with the Red Arrows, and the solo display at Waddington 2014.

Written by Jack Newman

Tim Marlow gives you an overview of Airbox Aero's flagship product - the iPad GPS navigation software called Runway HD.

Top 5 hopes for a bright GA future

The good old days? Maybe the best is yet to come

Written by Jonathan Duke

The CAA is ringing the changes in General Aviation with hopes to deregulate and delegate responsibility. Here are our Top 5 Hopes for the outcome of the new policy, and what we hope will be the results on the GA sector.

Kairos Aviation announced as Blackshape Prime UK dealers

PPL hotrod to reach UK shores in 2016

Written by Jonathan Duke

On 10th June an Kairos Aviation announced that they are now the UK dealer for Blackshape Aircraft of Monopoli, Italy.

David Attenborough explains Paragliding

The worlds lightest aerosport explained by the legendary narrator

Written by András Vizler

In The Living Planet, a 1984 BBC nature documentary series, David Attenborough has shown the spectacular world of ski-diving frogs, gliding squirrels, birds and bats. Little did he know that his description will fit a glider of a different kind - 30 years later!